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Live with Harlan Coben

Congratulations to friend and fellow writer Harlan Coben, whose new thriller CAUGHT is the #1 best selling fiction hardback in the country.  If you haven’t read it yet, it’s one of his best.

Harlan was nice enough not only to blurb my latest, 212, but also to do a joint event with me on book tour.   Here’s video of the conversation, moderated by Poisoned Pen owner, Barbara Peters.  Five parts are here, here, here, here, and here.

Two New Interviews and a Review

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has only good things to say about 212:

Alafair’s Burke’s “212” is a smart take on the thriller genre, with the author nimbly juggling multiple plot elements including techno stalking and powerful men entangled in sex scandals. But what’s best about the Burke’s work is her characters. Notably, NYPD detective Ellie Hatcher is a fresh riff on the troubled detective: brainy but vulnerable and refreshingly open about her failings.

Read the interview that accompanies the review here.

Also this morning, friend, fellow author, and co-blogger Toni McGee Causey was good enough to interview me over at Murderati.  Read the piece here.


Last weekend, the good folks at the Muskego public library invited me to serve as Guest of Honor at the Felonious February festival. Fabulous book blogger Jen Forbus did the honors of interviewing. Because I need to justify that tax deduction of our mini-recorder, video of the 48-minute chat is on You Tube if you have a whole lot of time to kill. Here are the links to Parts one, two, three, four, and five.

Interview with author Jason Pinter

I played amateur Ellen again, this time interviewing friend and fellow author JASON PINTER.

Jason’s new Henry Parker book, THE FURY, will be released on September 29th, and its sequel, THE DARKNESS, follows on November 24th. If you haven’t discovered Jason yet, give him a try. Formerly an editor, he knows his stuff and is writing up a storm. You can visit him at his website and follow him on Twitter.

New Online Interview

My friend and fellow author, D.P. Lyle, MD, was kind enough to interview me for The Writer’s Forensic Blog. In the interview, I talk about the connection between Angel’s Tip and the murder of Imette St. Guillen, my writing approach to forensics, and why my next book should feature a crime writer -law professor who wins the lottery.

Read the full interview here.