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Least Likely to Leave Hometown

Like their creators, Tess and Mary are hometown girls, fiercely loyal to the cities that shaped them.  It’s hard to imagine Tess sculling anywhere other than on the Patapsco River.  And whether she’s living in her city center Condo or spending time with her South Philly family, Mary’s unlikely to leave the town of tasticakes.  So who’s least likely to move?  Vote!  (For the comments: If they were to move, where might they go and what would that be like?  Who are some of your other favorite hometown characters?

Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan

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Lisa Scottoline’s Mary DiNunzio.

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Governor of Wyoming

Call the super-PACs and beware of hanging chads: I sense a tight election in the Rocky Mountain west.  Joe Pickett is one savvy game warden, battling environmental terrorists, corrupt bureaucrats, animal abusers, and anyone else who threatens what his creator has called the “beauty, cruelty, and balance of the natural world.”  Walt Longmire, the Sheriff of Absaroka County, has run on a platform of “Honesty & Integrity.”  But who gets your support as Governor?  And why?  VOTE!  (Hat tip to reader Carl Christensen, who suggested this category)

Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire.

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Reporter Most Likely to Get a Book Deal

I don’t want to include spoilers, but long-time fans of Irene Kelly know that this So-Cal-based reporter has seen it all: serial killers, missing friends, endangered family members. But up in Rhode Island, Liam Mulligan has some tales of his own, thanks to his network of strippers, bookies, and hoodlums. Which reporter is more likely to get a book deal? Vote! (And who are some of your other favorite journalist/writer characters?)

Bruce DeSilva’s Liam Mulligan

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Couple You’d Most Want to Have Board-Game Nights With

Trivial Pursuit. Pictionary. Boggle. Who’d you chase down, stalk, shoot, or stab last night? Desert? Coffee? We have a Nespresso. I love the idea of either of these two pairings showing up for a good old-fashioned night of board games. Who’d be more competitive? Fun? Least likely to drop crumbs on the couch? Which couple would you rather have over? Vote!

Dennis Lehane’s Patrick and Angie

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Jeff Lindsay’s Siblings Dexter and Debra Morgan.

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Lifetime Single Lady

Beyonce believes in putting a ring on it, but these two heroines have been kicking it solo. Maisie’s never been married. Kinsey has, but would she ever give it another go? Who is least likely to marry and why? Vote! (Ooh, and added bonus for the comments: If either WERE to marry, which of your favorite crime fiction characters might be the lucky groom?)

Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs

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Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone.

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Least Likely to Retire

These two Harrys aren’t the kind of cops who count down the days to retirement. They’re also not the type to remain strictly within the chain of command or master departmental politics. They’ve both flirted with departure, but always return to the blue religion. So who’s least likely to retire? And why? Vote!

Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch

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Most Likely to Win Survivor

The very, very serious Awards Committee did some good work with the nominating this year. Let’s just say that I plan to tell both Gretchen and Lena, “I totally voted for you, girlfriend,” because these aren’t women I want to cross. But who’d reign on the island? Vote! (And use the comments to discuss what they’d be like on Survivor and which other characters might stand a chance on the island.)

Chelsea Cain’s Gretchen Lowell

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Karin Slaughter’s Lena Adams.

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Best Twitter Feed (If They Had a Twitter Feed)

Harlan Coben and Lawrence Block crack me up. They crack me up in person. They crack me up online. And through beloved characters like Myron and Bernie, they crack me up on the page. Literally (as in actually literally, not figuratively the way people frustratingly use the word literally these days), I laugh out loud at the things Myron and Bernie say and think. I would follow them both on Twitter. But whose feed would be better? Vote! (And use the comments to describe their twitter feeds and discuss other characters who’d be great to follow online.)

Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar

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Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr.

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Best Hawaiian Shirt Collection

Hold your horses, now. I know I’ve got some mad JLB fans here, and some straight-up insane fans of Clete. But we’re not talking about porkpie hats, or most likely to say, “Bust ‘em and Dust ‘em.” This is all about the shirts, and Elvis Cole may be hard to beat in that territory. This one could be a tight race, the perfect kick-off to the Duffer Awards. Vote!

James Lee Burke’s Clete Purcel.

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