The Wife: Questions for Book Clubs

I’ve heard from so many readers who want to keep talking about THE WIFE once they’re finished reading.  To help spark a lively discussion, I wrote a list of questions that I hope you’ll consider integrating into your book club.

You can download for printing here.

  1. Which characters in the book are good? Which are bad?  Whom do you consider a victim, and who is a perpetrator?
  2. Which character did you like the most? Which character did you like the least?
  3. Before Rachel files a complaint against Jason, was Angela’s marriage to Jason what you would call a “happy marriage”?
  4. Do Angela and Kerry have anything in common?
  5. Are Detective Duncan and ADA Brian King good at their jobs?
  6. Is Angela a good mother?
  7. What do you think happens to the main characters in the future?
  8. Imagine Spencer at thirty years old. What kind of man do you think he will be, and why?
  9. Which characters in the book are selfish? Which are selfless?
  10. Did the allegations against Jason remind you of any of the recent sexual misconduct allegations against high-profile men in the real world?
  11. If THE WIFE were developed into a movie, whom would you cast for the main characters?