Readers Guide

Dead Connection

1. In this first novel introducing Ellie Hatcher, Dead Connection gives you a good look at Ellie’s childhood growing up in Wichita, Kansas. How does Ellie’s background affect her as an adult? Is she a cop because of her father’s experience or in spite of it? How do her mother’s and brother’s dependency on her affect her choices?

2. The murders in Dead Connection revolve around an internet dating service called What do you think Amy Davis was looking for in joining FirstDate? Is online dating any more dangerous than meeting people in person at a social event? If so, why?

3. In Dead Connection, Ellie allows herself to meet Peter Morse online under false pretenses because of her investigation. Can a relationship that starts with a lie ever work?

4. A number of characters in Dead Connection commit various acts of wrongdoing that fall short of murder. Who are these characters? What were their legal or moral crimes? Did they ultimately face justice?

5. We learn in Dead Connection that Ellie is willing to break the rules when necessary to see justice served. What do you think about the tactics she uses to explain her actions at the end of the book?