The end of June brought me to planes, trains, and automobiles as I hit the skies, rails, and roads to talk to readers about NEVER TELL.  Here’s photographic proof, courtesy of my iPhone.

Fact & Fiction in Missoula, MT

Powell’s in Portland still feels like home

With Gina (Cookie Lady!), Ryan, Carl, and Sue at Seattle Mystery

I also tried to get out and about at each stop.  Mexican food with McKenna in Houston.  Nephew hugging in Phoenix.  Golf in Portland (yep, even in the rain).  Pride Day in Seattle.  Check out this amazing outfit!  Talk about work.  As my friend said, “I may be proud, but I’m also lazy.”

I also spent a few extra days in Missoula with the entire Burke family.  Now that the nieces and nephews are getting older, Burke-a-pa-looza (aka Burkenstock) involved plenty of pancakes, whiffle ball, basketball, and Jenga playing.  Did you know Jenga is really, really fun?  Thing I learn on book tour!

I thought about nabbing my nephew’s dog, Bruce, but I need to retain Favorite Aunt status so he’ll take care of me when I’m old.  The nephew, I mean.  Not Bruce.  I’m not that batty…yet.

And now it’s time to hit the road again.  See the rest of the tour here.  Hope to see you soon!