Because Everyone Needs a Secret Society

I want to invite early supporters of LONG GONE to join a private book club. It’s private in every sense of the word. It requires a key, available only to early supporters of Long Gone.

It is also private because it provides a behind the scenes look at the writing of Long Gone: thoughts about characters, information about the real locations depicted in the book, and other content that I hope will enhance the reading experience.

In the past, I haven’t been able to talk about books online with readers because of the dreaded SPOILERS! At the private book club, we’ll discuss LONG GONE over 10 days, starting on June 21. Every post will begin with a page and chapter number, so anyone who falls behind can skip that post and come back later. Faster readers can wait for the rest of us to catch up, then jump into the conversation. I am really looking forward to talking to readers about LONG GONE in real time as they read. Then on July 5, at 9 PM EST, we’ll wrap up our club with a live webchat, open only to book club members with a password.

How do you get a key to the club? Just buy a copy of LONG GONE. It can be an e-copy or a paper book. Either forward your proof of purchase (or pre-order) to, OR fill out this handy, dandy early purchaser form, whichever is easier. Then I’ll send you the club location and password. How simple is that?

Learn more about LONG GONE, read an excerpt, and watch the video trailer here. You can find many of your favorite booksellers here and here. For signed copies, contact stores listed here.

See you soon at “the club!”