Any Guesses on the Mystery Gift?

It has been a couple of weeks since I first announced the “surprise” we have in store for readers who pre-order LONG GONE by June 19, and I’ve received a few emails with pretty good guesses.  I know you guys are master sleuths.  Any guesses as to what the pre-order surprise might be?


1. It consists of thirteen parts that can be assembled in less than three seconds.

2. You put its parts together with your fingers, but you will not want to hold it.

3. What force and strength cannot get through, this, with little effort, can do.

4. It is not a car or an iPad. It is something little old me can actually give everyone who buys a book. It’s also my way to thank you once again for supporting me. Without you guys, I’d be a sad, strange woman with voices in her head.

You can find many of your favorite booksellers here and here. For signed copies, contact stores listed here. This offer is good for both paper and e-book formats. Either forward your proof of purchase to, OR fill out a pre-order offer form, whichever is easier.

Any guesses?

LongGone_HiRes FINAL SNAPSHOT 3-21-11

Pre-Order for Mystery Gift