I Am … Chikezie?

Library Journal was kind enough to give LONG GONE a coveted pre-pub alert.  Love libraries. Love Library Journal.  Love pre-pub alerts. 

“Alice Humphrey has finally landed a job—she’s been hired by corporate type Drew Campbell to manage an art gallery in Manhattan’s style-setting meatpacking district for an anonymous owner. One day she arrives at work to find the gallery stripped to the walls and Drew lying dead on the floor. Only his name isn’t Drew, and Alice suddenly has lots to explain to the police. After six novels in the Ellie Hatcher and Samantha Kincaid series, Burke offers an intriguing stand-alone; she’s popular if not hot-hot and especially well liked by LJ reviewers.”

I’m popular!  I’m well-liked by Library Journal’s (obviously astute) reviewers!  But, sob, I’m not hot-hot?  I feel like one of those middling American Idol contestants- a literary Chikezie if you will. (I know: Dropping idol references in 2011 will do nothing to improve my hot-hot quotient.)

For those of you asking, “What is a Chikezie?,” let me explain.

Back when George W. Bush was President, jumpsuits were briefly fashionable, and American Idol was already uncool, there was a popular (but not hot-hot) contestant called Chikezie.  Here is Chikezie being popular but not hot-hot:

Last I heard, the real Chikezie was arrested for using a stolen credit card to buy cologne.  Hopefully my trajectory will be better. That trajectory will be determined by you in June when LONG GONE is published.  I may be Ch-Cheesy, but need to be hot-hot-hotter than Chikezie.  Get a sneak peek at early blurbs of LONG GONE and pre-order here.