Launch Day

212 officially hits shelves today.  This is the sixth time I’ll see a new book of mine in stores, and I still get all tingly.  If I’m lucky enough to get to book number sixty, I hope you’ll all kick my butt if I ever stop appreciating the opportunity to share my stories with you.  I hope you enjoy 212.

In a nice start to the morning, the Associated Press has wonderful things to say about the book:

The plot is pleasingly complex, with multiple suspects and surprising twists. The characters are richly drawn, and Burke’s prose is as precise as the Glock pistol that Ellie carries…. The book is a page-turner, but Burke has more than entertainment in mind. This third novel in the Ellie Hatcher series explores culture clash between the superrich and the rest of us, considers the societal cost of the increasing commercialization of sex, and explores computer technology both as a source of mischief and as a tool for criminals and the public servants who investigate them.

More than that, “212” is a story about love — what it looks like at its best and its worst and how it seduces people into behaving in ways that are both noble and abhorrent.