TV rotting my brain

I’m deep into the next Ellie book (still unnamed!), which means I’m not allowed to read a lot of crime fiction right now, lest someone else’s voice bleed over into the manuscript. That’s not to say I don’t take breaks, however. With the frigid temperatures in NYC, many of my recent breaks involved the TV. Here are some of the reasons I loved my television last week:

5. Lost finally made sense again. Heroes at least tried to, sort of.

4. Big Love. Bill’s mom torn between murder and suicide. Hot to trot Anna exposing Bill’s hypocrisy. Nicky perhaps realizing the dark side of the compound. One of the best episodes of one of the best TV series ever.

3. The Post-superbowl Office episode. Angela’s cat toss through the ceiling is the entire reason Tivo put that little replay button on the remote control.

2. How I Met Your Mother. At some point, this show crept up on me and became a favorite. Barney’s Video Resume was awesome as promised, but I love that the website alluded to on the show actually exists.

1. American Idol alums. As this year’s latest crops of idiots hauled out shih tzus, little brothers, and bikinis for their lame auditions, I had to wonder whether any of them could add up to some of the earlier greats. I’m not always a Kelly Clarkson fan, but props to anyone who’d call a song “My Life Would Suck Without You.” Fantasia Barrino crushed Lady Marmalade (if you don’t believe me, check out Patti LaBelle’s unusual sign of approval at 3:38). And, whether she was lip syncing or not, Jennifer Hudson belted out one of the best arrangements of the National Anthem I have ever heard.

Back to writing!