What goes on in the kitchen at Outback Steakhouse?

First there was the news of the 2200 calorie blooming onion. Now the folks at “Eat this, not that” say that the worst fish entree in the country is Outback’s Atlantic Salmon:

“Outback Steakhouse Atlantic Salmon (9 oz)

  • 1,640 calories
  • ??? g fat (Outback refuses to disclose the full nutritional content of the food they’re serving you.)
  • ??? mg sodium

    There is no entrée in America as misleading as this frightening fish dish from Outback. Its description— — a “seasoned and grilled fillet with fresh steamed veggies” — sounds like textbook healthy eating, a nutritious island in a sea of steak and stuffed potatoes, but what emerges from the kitchen is a plate that packs more calories than 11 orders of onion rings from Burger King. What happens to the poor fish behind closed kitchen doors is anyone’s guess (bacon-grease bath? Melted-butter injections?), but the end result should be avoided at all costs. Add on a serving of bread and butter and a simple side salad, and you’re topping the charts at nearly 2,300 calories.”

  • I have a sudden craving for Burger King onion rings. I hear they have less than 10 percent the calories of grilled salmon and steamed veggies.