It’s cold!

It may not be officially winter, but it is officially freakin cold.  The Duffer (aka, Mr. Softy) was acting like a wussy baby in the wind this morning so I dug out the coat my mother got him.  Before I had a gourmet dog, I thought people who put coats on dogs were total tools.  Now I’m convinced my little freak is freezing if the mercury falls below 50.  Duff apparently doesn’t mind his coat at all because he climbed into his bed with it and won’t get up for me to remove it.   (And in the event you can see the black letters near the bottom, yes, it’s personalized.  And it has a reflective band around his “waist,” I guess in case he’s out walking by himself and the cars don’t see him.  Hey, at least I can say my mom bought it, not me.)