Verizon is freakin EVIL

Two weeks ago, I called Verizon after a massive telemarketing and mass mailing campaign pestered me incessantly to switch to Fios for all my phone/TV/internet needs.  They gave me an “appointment” for today, between 8 am and 5 pm, then proceeded to call and email me at least 7 times in the intervening 2 weeks to confirm.  

It’s now 6:12 pm.  No Verizon.  Nothing but busy signals to their help line all day.  The one time I did get through they told me I was on the list and someone would call me back with an ETA.  Of course, no one ever called.  Or showed.  Did I mention it was 70+ degrees today (a holiday) in NY?
Can a company be a nemesis?  Because if so, Verizon is now my official nemesis.
Update:  At 6:45, Verizon told me the guy was on his way.  I hung up, and the phone rang again.  It was the actual install guy saying he was calling it a day.  He then said he’d call me back .. still waiting.