New TV

I know that as either a law professor or an author, let alone both, I should say things like, “Television? Who watches television? I wouldn’t even OWN a television were it not for PBS.” Well, I don’t care what I’m supposed to say. I’ll shout it from the rooftops: I love TV. Of my faves, only the Shield has launched for the fall, and this disappointing season of Weeds is about to end, so that’s a wash as far as time is concerned. I think I have room in my TV viewing schedule for another show or two. I watched the much-hyped Fringe premiere last night. Promising premise. Not sure I’m loving that lead actress though. Halfway through, I asked the husband if she was trying to fake a pseudo-foreign accent or something. Now I see she’s Australian, so I guess the problem is with faking an American accent.

What new or returning shows are you waiting for?