Draft Christopher Guest to Bouchercon!

I spoke to someone years ago about the fertile ground that Bouchercon, an annual mystery book conference, would provide to the brilliant Christopher Guest.  He has dramatized the best and the worst of dog shows, folk music festivals, and community theater, so I can only imagine what he could do with a conference of writers, agents, publicists, and fans.  

As this year’s conference approaches, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a movement to support the idea.  Then today, as I was trying not to think about the stock market or politics, I passed Michael McKean on 5th Avenue and he smiled at the Duffer.  I took it as a sign (and then immediately cast him as an eccentric independent bookseller in Guest’s future Bouchercon Mockumentary).  
I’ll be collecting signatures at this year’s Bouchercon in Baltimore.  If you’ll be there, find me and sign.  And if you’re on Facebook, join the “Draft Christopher Guest” group.  See what happens when I’m at home sick, supposedly resting?