Some Thoughts on Book Jackets

Some thoughts about book jackets…
As a writer, I concern myself first and foremost with the pages that go
inside of the book: the beginning, the middle, and the end. I hate
coming up with titles. Sometimes they’ve come naturally to me (“Missing

Justice“); sometimes I really work at them, going so far as to poll my
friends (“Judgment Calls“). Apparently I’m better at writing the
insides of the book than the title on the outside. Entertainment
Weekly, despite including “Dead Connection” as a “Must List” pick,
admonished readers not to “let the dopey title turn you off of this
otherwise satisfying mystery.”
Because I recognize my relative strengths and weaknesses, I’m glad that
the title is the only part of the outside of the book about which I have
any say. What distinguishes a great book jacket from a lousy one?
Beats me.
Case in point: my new book Angel’s Tip (forthcoming August 19) was
originally going to look like this:

Pretty hot, right? But apparently it just didn’t convey the right
message. Now the jacket looks like this:

Really hot, right? It’s better, at least I think so (do you?). But
why? What makes this book look like the kind of book that a certain
demographic (to wit: people who would enjoy my books) might pick up
from the front table? The subtlety? The city skyline? I’d love to
hear your thoughts.

celik kapi