More from Thrillerfest

This afternoon, I was “Panel Master” at Thrillerfest for a panel on From Your Profession to Creative Passion, where I chatted with Laura Caldwell (lawyer), Jonathon Santlofer (artist), Adam Gittlin (commercial real estate), Julie Compton (lawyer), and Douglas Preston (formerly of the American Museum of Natural History) about the transition from and/or between our original professions and the writing gig.

I learned a lot about how other writers find the time to write despite other obligations. I try to write every day, even if it’s a paragraph, and then never let myself skip two days in a row. At least that way the material never gets ice cold, and I can leap back in once I’m at the keyboard. It was also interesting for me to hear about the leaps of faith that Jonathon and Douglas took when they left day jobs. Thank goodness my profession complements my creative passion.

I resisted the urge to load up on new books, but I did get a copy of Preston’s new non-fiction book, The Monster of Florence (with Mario Spezi), which is supposed to rock. Alas, I didn’t get any pictures (bad blogger!).