Good News for the Book Blog World

One of my favorite book reviewers, Oline Cogdill, is leaving her staff position with the Sun-Sentinel, giving her more time to freelance her mystery book reviews and to write for the Sun-Sentinel’s Off the Page blog. (You may not know that you’ve read Oline’s reviews, but you have if you’ve perused my website; she is the originator of the “two powerhouse series” quotation that I haul out at every conceivable opportunity.)

As much as I love Oline’s reviews (and for admittedly selfish reasons), I really love her blogging, not just about all things book-related but even a confession that she likes Burn Notice in part because Jefferey Donovan is “cute as ever.” As I’m just learning how to blog, Off the Page has been something of a role model. Enjoy. (Hat tip to Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind for the news, although CIM cites The Book Publicity Blog. I know how to cite sources in law review articles, but I’m still learning how to footnote in a blog. Is there a bluebook for this stuff? Alert: that was a law geek joke.)