Back in NYC

We took a Jet Blue redeye from Portland to JFK, 11:59 PM PST to 8 am EST (i.e., hours everyone who’s not a mindblow should be sleeping).  Highlight and lowlight: creepy guy we noticed at the check-in, who released boozy snores during the entire flight in the row across from us, was stopped upon landing for a request for ID).  

TIP: When stopped on a flight and asked for ID, don’t let your first response be, “But that’s not why you’re here.”  We all had to wait until airline security persuaded dude and his friend to “deplane without incident.”
Vacation apparently made my IQ drop 25 points because we cabbed it to midtown for dinner with friends only to be told the reservation was for Thursday.  We stayed anyway, at Jean-Georges’ Vong , even though we’ll “have to” go back in two days.  Very tasty.  Tomorrow reality comes back.  Humidity.  Bills.  Dog walking.  Me at the computer.