Reader’s Guide

Angel’s Tip

1. In the Author’s Note to Angel’s Tip, Alafair Burke writes that the plot was inspired by actual cases. When you were reading the book, were you reminded of any real-life cases? Do parallels between fiction and true crimes distract from or add to your appreciation of a novel?

2. Did you ever–perhaps in less responsible days– take the kinds of chances that Chelsea Hart and Rachel Peck take? Put another way: did the lack of judgment that contributes to their deaths strike you as typical of most young women, or did they seem excessively negligent?

3. Angel’s Tip is set in the world of exclusive clubs that open or close their doors to customers based on whim. Why are some people drawn to such an environment, do you think?

4. While Ellie is feeling smothered by her boyfriend, Peter Morse, she gives in to an intimate moment with hunky ADA Max Donovan. What does Ellie’s willingness to be vulnerable with Max at that stage of the book say about her state of mind and about her character generally?

5. In Angel’s Tip Ellie’s brother, Jess, is (once again, we’re told) crashing on her living room sofa. How are Ellie and Jess similar and/or dissimilar? How have they been affected by events in their past, and by their parents?

6. If you have also read Alafair Burke’s Samantha Kincaid novels, how would you compare Ellie Hatcher and Samantha? What are their respective priorities? With whom would you rather have a friendship?

7. The relentless media coverage of Ellie Hatcher’s investigation plays a significant role in the plot of Angel’s Tip. Does the watchful eye of the media serve the public interest by holding law enforcement’s feet to the fire, or, instead, does it tend to impede the administration of the criminal justice system?

8. If the real world is anything like the one recreated in Angel’s Tip, how can single women enjoy themselves, date, and nevertheless remain safe?