New Review for NEVER TELL

Thanks, Library Journal, for a big thumbs-up to NEVER TELL.

“Sixteen-year-old Julia Whitmire commits suicide, but her wealthy, politically connected parents force an investigation. NYPD Det. Ellie Hatcher lands the case and isn’t too sympathetic. The private school Julia attended is full of privileged children under enormous pressure, many of whom are abusing prescription drugs. Julia’s computer reveals she was cyberbullying someone, and her best friend doesn’t even know whom she was dating, just that Julia was on the wild side. Meanwhile, Hatcher’s relationship with her district attorney boyfriend reaches a critical juncture when the subject of children comes up, adding more personal suspense to this story. As the investigation continues, Hatcher realizes that Julia’s death may indeed be a murder, and the list of suspects is narrowing.
Verdict: What initially appears to be a simple story quickly becomes more intricate and compelling, making the pages fly. Highly recommended, especially for Lisa Gardner or Laura Lippman fans.”