A Basket Full of Burke

Every year, I try to do something small but special to thank all of you awesome readers who support me by pre-ordering my latest book. Pre-orders help li’l ol’ writers like me by sending an early message to book sellers, book reviewers, and best selling lists that a book has enthusiastic support from readers.

This year, three lucky readers who pre-order NEVER TELL will receive signed copies of all of my works – eight novels! To enter, just pre-order a copy of NEVER TELL from your favorite retailer by June 17, and then either e-mail your receipt to offer@alafairburke.com OR fill out this handy-dandy pre-order form by June 19.

If I draw your name, you’ll win a basket full of Burke novels, signed by me (either signature only or inscribed to your preference). Okay, I might not actually find a basket strong enough to hold all those books. But you’ll have the books. Signed. In a box. They’ll look pretty on your shelf.