Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Basket Full of Burke

Every year, I try to do something small but special to thank all of you awesome readers who support me by pre-ordering my latest book. Pre-orders help li’l ol’ writers like me by sending an early message to book sellers, book reviewers, and best selling lists that a book has enthusiastic support from readers.

This year, three lucky readers who pre-order NEVER TELL will receive signed copies of all of my works – eight novels! To enter, just pre-order a copy of NEVER TELL from your favorite retailer by June 17, and then either e-mail your receipt to OR fill out this handy-dandy pre-order form by June 19.

If I draw your name, you’ll win a basket full of Burke novels, signed by me (either signature only or inscribed to your preference). Okay, I might not actually find a basket strong enough to hold all those books. But you’ll have the books. Signed. In a box. They’ll look pretty on your shelf.

In Conversation With SJ Rozan

I’m late to post this, but I just realized that the Center of Fiction recorded my conversation with SJ Rozan last fall. Not quite as great as the funny animal videos that tend to dominate my YouTube browsing, but still…