Time to Switch Hats

I’ve been quiet on the blog for the last couple of months, in large part because I’ve been very busy being Professor Burke.  But now that it’s three months before publication of the next Ellie Hatcher novel, NEVER TELL, and I’ve just signed on to publish two more books for Harper Collins, I’ll be substituting my writer hat for my professor hat more frequently.

I don’t actually have physical hats to mark these two roles, mind you.  But if I did, is there any doubt that the writer hat would look something like these:


The writer hat would involve great panache:

It really is amazing what one finds when one searches for “cats in hats” in Google images, a task that doesn’t really seem to fall to either of my two metaphorical hats.

Anyway, I’m still around and hope you are too.  The site images will be updated soon,but the EVENTS page has been updated with the preliminary tour schedule here.

And here’s the jacket for NEVER TELL.  What do you think?