Holiday Shopping with Ellie and Sam

Yep, there was more Black Friday nonsense this year as Americans lined up outside of stores to crawl, scratch, and, in one case, pepper-spray their way to the best cheapest holiday gifts around.


It’s enough to make a gal say Bah Hum Bug.

But as you may know by now, I avoid the crowds and take to the internet for my holiday shopping.  I thought it would be fun this year to ponder potential purchases (alliteration!) for Ellie Hatcher, Samantha Kincaid, and their respective crews.

The Ellie Hatcher Series The Samantha Kincaid Series
To Jess, from your sister Ellie (not that this Brooklyn Blanket Chest is a hint that you should move your butt off my sofa and into Williamburg or anything.  No, not at all):W250-60796_driftstudio_bklynblanketchest_1_webBrooklyn Blanket Chest To Chuck, from Samantha (with a strong hope that you will cook more often, and because I went to the mall at the very last minute and wound up with a sucky present.  Sorry.):haicapron_lBaby Carlos Apron
To Hatcher, from Rogan (Just my luck to draw your name in the squad’s Secret Santa exchange. Try not to slop that nasty stuff you call food on this fine tee shirt.):images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJHonbUaWYp1DS9ZVQFQEnyfLLJMoj3uL7GLAiH-dRcSumVTcsAwNutella Tee Shirt To Samantha, Love Vinnie (Because I don’t really understand the point of clothing but think everything should involve me.  And because I love you, Mommy.  Now feed me.  Snort.)5578791465_53175302e7
To Ellie, from your loving brother Jess, because you’re a little “psycho” but a lot of fun:showercurtain-duckDucky Shower Curtain To Vinnie, Love Chuck (Look, little man, I told you we’d be on like Donkey Kong if you wizzed on my Van Halen shirt) :reindeer_dog

In my wildest dreams, I’d like to buy two of these cupcake cars for Ellie and Sam, just to see who would win in a race.  Hey, an author can dream.


More realistically, you might know someone who needs “Real Men Read Women” gear (31 different tee shirt colors, yo!).  Or how about “I Like Boys Who Read Books By Girls“?  All profits from this campaign benefit First Book, a non-profit dedicated to youth literacy.

And speaking of literacy, book stores need customer support these days, and just about anyone worth knowing loves to read.  Books also have tidy little corners, so they’re much easier to wrap than, say, a cat:

Should you happen to need specific title suggestions, I heard that LONG GONE and 212 (in paperback) aren’t bad.


I’ll check in later for a proper holiday greeting.  For now, try not to get bloodied or bruised at the mall.