Replacing Jack Reacher’s Button

Okay, so it wasn’t really Jack Reacher’s button, but a button from the shirt of his creator, Lee Child, whom I’m fortunate to call a friend.  A few years ago, I was at Lee’s apartment, about to throw something in his kitchen garbage, when I spotted one of his familiar button-down shirts in the bag.

“Do you know there’s a shirt in your garbage?”

“Who do you think put it there?”  (Yes, he has a way of talking like Reacher.)

Ever curious, I plucked it out expecting to find a coffee stain or cigarette burn, since Lee pretty much lives on coffee and cigarettes.  Its only flaw was a missing button.

Not surprisingly, the man who created Jack Reacher – moving town to town with nothing but a toothbrush – doesn’t own a sewing kit.  I, however, own an entire sewing basket filled with an array of threads and notions.  A shirt was saved, and a friendship sealed.

I know many of you enjoy Lee Child’s books, so I thought you might enjoy an article the Wall Street Journal recently published about his fuss-free, no-clutter apartment life here in New York.  The button story works its way in, as do a couple of quotes from me and Lee’s brother, Andrew Grant.

You can read the full story here.  More importantly, you can buy Lee Child’s new Reacher novel, 61 Hours, now in the UK and on May 18 in the US.