Two New Reviews for 212

From the Hartford Advocate:

“Burke deftly plants mysteries within mysteries, deceptions within deceptions, strong identities within big-city anonymity. Interactions and exchanges happen organically — through strident Web posts or fraught inquiries into unorthodox murders. Burke, like all mystery writers, lives for the coincidences that end up connecting unrelated threads of a detective’s investigation. At the same time, unlike a lot of too-precise crimewriters, she realizes that sometimes a stranger is just a stranger, and that certain tensions are evoked just to set a scene, not necessarily to explode into a major incident. Since she allows for leisure, wrong-turns and exasperation, Burke genuinely keeps the reader guessing.

“Above all, Burke’s work has a hopefulness and optimism — a passion — that’s rare in thrillers. She doesn’t mock the many romantic illusions she conjures up among her characters, especially the victims. She seems genuinely sorry things don’t work out better for these fragile souls, and in the best traditions of detective fiction, she seeks justice.”

And from SmartMoney:

“Alafair Burke’s new novel is an up-to-the-minute thriller that explores love and death in the digital age… [A] classic tale of suspense set in the modern age.”

Makes me want to read this one!