Start Reading 212 Today…Free!

The best perk of this writing gig is hearing your complaints.  That’s right.  I love your complaints.  Or at least a certain kind of complaint.  You know the ones.  “Alafair, I have bags under my eyes, and it’s your fault.  I stayed up all night reading your book.”  “Alafair, You write too slowly.  Please finish your next book.  I need my fix.”

Those are complaints a girl can love.

Since many of you have been kind enough to get “hooked,” my publisher has been kind enough to offer a “free taste” of the first sixty pages of my new Ellie Hatcher thriller, 212. (Um, did I just compare my publisher to a drug dealer handling out samples?  Maybe.)

The book has already been hailed by critics as a “white-knuckle thriller,” a “fast-paced thriller featuring an appealingly current angle,” and “up-to-the-minute, action-packed crime fiction.”

I can’t wait to hear what you think.  Get your free fix and start reading here.