Final Chance for a Mystery Gift

Only 36 hours left to claim your free mystery gift with all pre-orders of my new “white-knuckle thriller,”* 212.

To thank you for your early support, I will send you a mystery gift for every hardback copy of 212 that you purchase prior to midnight on Monday, March 22.  You can find many of your favorite booksellers here or here to order.  Just e-mail a copy of your receipt to

What is the gift, you ask?  Like all good mysteries, this one comes with clues.  It’s small but special, I designed it myself, and I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.  It’s also my way to say thank you for once again supporting me and for telling your friends about my books.  I know that without you guys, I’d be toast in this cold, dark world.

Learn more about 212, read an excerpt and early reviews, and watch the video trailer here.

*Publisher’s Weekly