First Reviews of 212! So far, so good…

Even when I’m finished writing a book, it doesn’t immediately feel “real.” The story has a beginning, middle, and that all-important end, but I’ve lived with the ideas and characters so long in my head that those pages still feel like they belong only to me. Even as the edits are made, the title is finalized, and blurbs are landed, the book is like a house still under construction – exciting, full of potential, but still a figment of the imagination.

But then something wonderful happens. Other people — human beings who aren’t related to me or work for my publisher — read it, and the book finally becomes real by creating a story in the minds of readers. And those first readers, for better or worse, are called reviewers.

I’m pleased to say that the early reviews of 212 have been fantastic:

“The latest installment of … Burke’s Ellie Hatcher series is a fast-paced thriller featuring an appealingly current angle, dynamic characters, and a spiderweb of possibilities she manages to leave tied up neatly. Strongly recommended.” – Library Journal

“Burke skillfully portrays her protagonist’s relationships—with victims’ families and persons of interest; with her partner; with her female boss, Liuetentant Robin Tucker; and, especially with ADA Max Donovan…. Up-to-the-minute, action-packed crime fiction.” – Booklist

“212 is one heck of a thrill ride… An intense story that will keep you reading way past your bedtime. And when it’s over, it will leave you begging for more.” — Lori’s Reading Corner.

Many of you have been supporting me and my work for years by reading and even spreading the word to your friends and family. I’m so thankful for your continued interest in my books, but, piggie that I am, I have the nerve to ask you to help Team Alafair once again. If you will be purchasing 212 (and I hope you will), please pre-order from your preferred bookseller. Pre-orders are a sign of reader interest: The more pre-orders, the higher the “buzz.” It’s rough out there, folks. Your support means the world to me.

You can pre-order 212 at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, or your favorite indie. As always, if you order through one of the bookstores on the 212 tour, I look forward to inscribing and signing your books personally. Lean more about 212 here.