Michael Connelly on up-to-the-minute changes

The Washington Post had a terrific profile this week on Michael Connelly. I was especially interested in the last minute changes he had to make to The Scarecrow after the Rocky Mountain News, which he references in the novel, ceased to exist just before print day.

I’ve also had to make changes to novels because of real world developments. My next novel, 212, has a plot line involving an actual website devoted to mean-spirited, anonymous college gossip. It bodes well for humanity that the website has gone under, but it did require me to fictionalize the name of the site. Luckily, the book wasn’t on its way to the printer like Michael’s. The fact that he could fix it in one page as he did shows he’s a master. Have you read The Scarecrow yet? It’s another terrific Connelly novel.

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