A title… finally!!

Many of you were kind enough to help me out a few month ago when I had to come up with a new title for the next Ellie Hatcher book. You might recall that it was supposed to be called LIE TO ME. Then a pesky little guy called Tim Roth decided to star in a television show of the same name. You were all terrific, offering a ton of great alternatives with the same kind of feel. After several rounds of possibilities, we decided to go with a different kind of feel. More work. Aaagh.

Long story short: The third book in the Ellie Hatcher series will be called 212, after the famous Manhattan area code. I love it and hope you all do, too. It captures the city feel of the series and will look great on a jacket. Plus it reminds me of 90210, and that’s got to be good. Jacket and synopsis to come. Intended pub date this winter.