My Name is Trendy Now?

Last summer I blogged about my unusual name, an older name that I had always believed had largely died out, at least for people. Instead, I found a menagerie of Alafairs online: cats, dogs, boats, even an alpaca.

Now, this year, Alafairs are coming out of the woodwork. I’ve heard from three different people who named their daughters Alafair. It got me wondering, after a childhood in which I could never buy those super cool personalized bicycle plates or bedroom door signs, whether the name Alafair is experiencing something of a revival. Imagine my surprise when I found my name listed on a “Trendy Baby Name” site along with Agatha and America. Ten years from now, will teachers have to distinguish between students Alafair B. and Alafair S.? Yeah, you’re right, probably not. But if I could finally stop having to spell my name for people, that would be good enough for me.