Help Me Brainstorm!

So I know I’ve been playing close to the vest about the next book, but it’s another Ellie Hatcher novel, and its working title has for the last few months been Lie to Me. Good title, right? Well, apparently FOX TV thought so too and beat me to the punch with this TV show. I had hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, there was Cold Case the show and Cold Case the novel by Kate Willhelm, and no one seemed confused. But the Man remains unpersuaded. (OK, so in this case, the Man happens to me my editor, who is neither male nor oppressive, but whatever…I need a new title.)

I’m still playing close to the vest of the plot but I will tell you it’s about lies and secrets. How’s that? So what’s got the same feel as Lie to Me? Here are some possibilities I’ve come up with: Tell Me Lies, Half Truths, Keeping Secrets, A Secret Kept. But I bet you guys can do even better. What do you think? Even if I don’t use your suggestions, the brainstorming will get the juices flowing. And if I do use your title, I’ll of course acknowledge you in the notes and send you a free copy. Brainstorm away, por favor.