Finally feeling the holiday season

Without much immediate family near me, and with a husband who works through the holiday season in the city, and with a general aversion to shopping, I haven’t felt much of the Christmas spirit yet this year.  But this weekend we finally dragged home a Christmas tree from Tenth Street in the snow and decorated it while sipping egg nog and listening to Christmas music.  Turns out that did the trick.  My cousin was in town this weekend and we did some Christmas shopping, baked cookies, and watched Gremlins (I know, I’m a great NYC host, right?).  

I’m in full holiday mode now, finally mailing the Christmas cards out today.  This year’s featured photograph is (as usual) Duffer’s holiday portrait.  As you can see, I never did get around to taking him to an NYC landmark.  The background is our living room floor.  He looks pretty good in his Christmas boa.