Ellie Hatcher’s online profile

My UK editor wants to include a fictional profile for Det. Ellie Hatcher in the UK edition of Angel’s Tip, which will be called City of Fear on the other side of the pond. I thought some of you might be able to help me write it. Some of the requested information is pretty straightforward (family, job, etc.), but some categories permit more creativity: music and film preferences, favorite actors, fears, sense of humor, and “character.” I made my girl up, so of course I have some thoughts on how these things would be answered. But with only two Ellie books on shelves, I haven’t yet told you everything I know about her. So, what known traits of Ellie’s should be included in her profile? What traits of your imagination might we include?

I hope you all are up for my reindeer games. This one could be fun (and really helpful given my current homework assignment!).