Another review for Angel’s Tip

From the Contra Costa Times:

It seems almost every day I get an e-mail or a phone call asking if I can recommend someone who writes “just like James Lee Burke”. That’s like asking if someone out delivers presents “just like Santa Claus”.

Folks, another writer like James Lee Burke isn’t going to happen.

But Burke’s daughter, Alafair, is a wonderful author, too.

“Angel’s Tip” by Alafair Burke (Harper Collins, $23.95, 339 pages, .) Ms. Burke is the author of four previous books, three Samantha Kincaid novels, plus two Ellie Hatcher novels: “Dead Connection” and “Angel’s Tip.” All are excellent thrillers with strong female protagonists.

“Angel’s Tip” could have been taken from the front page of any major city in the country. The scenarios are all too common a young woman makes the headlines because a tiny mistake leads to her murder. A college student leaves a bar with boys she just met. A young woman stays behind for one more drink. An illegally parked car is towed, and a woman finds herself walking alone in a bad neighborhood. Small mistakes, costly tragedies. “Angel’s Tip” is their story.