Reacher is “Seagalesque”?

Time Out was kind enough to plug the launch of the Angel’s Tip tour, a joint event with Lee Child at the Tribeca B&N on August 18. As thankful as I am for the shout out, I did a double-take on the description: “Burke’s new thriller, Angel’s Tip, is a novel of New York nightclubs and murder: A group of women go on a ‘girls night out,’ and one winds up dead. Tonight, Burke is interviewed by fellow crime scribe Child, whose latest novel, Nothing to Lose, features his recurring, Seagalesque, two-fisted hero Jack Reacher.”

Seagalesque? It wasn’t a word with which I was familiar. I realized on second glance that they meant this and not this. Still, not really what I imagine when I picture Reacher. Time Out, Baby, I love you, but please don’t spoil the fantasy.