A New Low(brow)? Tru-Dat

As many of you know, I sometimes serve as a trial and legal commentator for various TV programs. Well this week I received a few emails from folks telling me they’d seen me on Tru TV (formerly Court TV). I haven’t filmed anything for months so I wasn’t sure what it could be. Replays of my thoughtful soundbites on Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, or BTK? No, turns out that Disorder in the Court, which I participated in last winter, has finally aired. At the time, I was asked to watch clips of legal dust ups and then offer my comments. When it’s all cut together, it’s pretty low brow (but entertaining) stuff. I may descend further down the cultural heirarchy if they ever use my contributions to World’s Dumbest Criminals; I see from their website that current featured commentators include Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, and Amy Fisher. Yikes!