Monthly Archives: August 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

If I can ever pull myself away from the internet GOP VP buzz, I’ll be saying goodbye to summer and white shoes in East Hampton. Copies of Angel’s Tip will be distributed on selected Jitney rides this weekend so I hope to see lots of copies being read at the beach. Downside to my weekend: Duffer is going to New Jersey with BFF Sebastian, shown here sharing the Duffer’s bed this morning (and before you tell me he needs a new bed, that IS the new bed). Enjoy what I hope is a long weekend for you as well.

Video, Radio, and Print…Oh My!

Lots of new stuff on the Net this week about Angel’s Tip: A terrific interview with AM Northwest (a Portland morning show that eschews all the format’s usual cliches); a radio interview with Eric Spencer as part of his “Women to Watch” show; and a Q&A with Powell’s Bookstore (novel ground covered here, including which fictional character I’d like to date and the time a Wichita drag queen borrowed my name).

Back “Home” at Powell’s

The Portland crowd turned out a warm welcome home to me at Powell’s tonight. Powell’s was one of my first off-campus discoveries when I moved to Portland for college when I was 17 y
ears old. Having been raised by a writer and a school librarian, I saw an entire city block of books as the equivalent of Disneyland. I would spend rainy Sundays there, where, thanks to used paperbacks, even my limited funds were sufficient to feed my habit. Being there for my own signing is incredibly special. (And speaking of special, a special thanks to my friend and the official event photographer, Jessica, whom I have known since she was a baby. You did a great job!)

Hard to beat a good cartoon….

Between airplane time, book promotion, and my peops in Portland, I haven’t had much time to surf the web these last few days. But I’m in hour two this morning (sad, I know), and came across this. An animated TV show from the maker of Arrested Development with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Henry Winkler? I’m already smiling.

On my plate today in Portland: interviews with AP Radio and the Oregonian, followed by the reading at Powell’s tonight at 7:30. Tucked in between: the gym and a visit to the Apple Store to fix my POS iPhone (I’m convinced Jobs somehow sabotaged my old one to force me to buy the new model).

Wheels down in Houston

First out of town event tonight at Houston’s Murder by the Book.  Always a highlight of the tour. Big, friendly crowd.  Smart questions.  A dog called Jack Reacher.   Compliments on the new haircut  — oh, and we talked about Angel’s Tip.  Next stop: Powell’s in Portland.

A menagerie of Alafairs

I have been receiving lots of thoughtful emails this week about the launch of Angel’s Tip. One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is about the origin of my first name. I was named for my father’s maternal grandmother. I think the name may be Welsh or Scottish, but I know for certain that it was more common in the US, particularly in the south, in the 1800s and early 1900s, but has since died out. These days the name seems to belong only to me, some cousins, the fictional character Alafair Robicheaux, and these very cute Alafairs I found while procrastinating on the internet: her, her, her (on the right), her (love the toy), and, perhaps my favorite, her. I suppose if it rained 40 days and 40 nights, we could all stay afloat on this.